Do You Know Who I Am?!

I was born into an extremely health oriented (you could also call it obsessed) family, who love to share their expertise with the lovely blonde at the dinner table. Even thought I don't always follow my own advice, you should.

This is totally me
Also, I'm a student at Park City Dance. I'm at the studio five days a week doing ballet, tap, and jazz- but ballet is by far my favorite. Some of my other hobbies are sleeping and procrastination. I've become extremely good at one of them(guess).

My favorite holiday is Christmas, and my favorite place is Coronado, California. I like the color blue, and I think dogs are better than cats, but I like them both. I really don't like kale, or onions. I live in Park City, Utah, but I would much rather live in the previously mentioned Coronado. In case you didn't know, Coronado is a peninsula right off of San Diego. I hate wearing earrings, and I love the smell of evergreen trees.

So, if you wanted to know a bunch of random facts about me, there you go.

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