Sunday, May 3, 2015


Today I have the pleasure of spending 15 hours at Herriman High School for a dance competition. I will be dancing a total of 7 minutes and 10 seconds, but I get to spend 15 HOURS in this terrible, windowless choir room. I'm bored out of my mind, to say the least, and am so tired that I am literally drifting off while I write this. The saddest thing is that I've passed the time by watching old Barbie movies. I think I need an intervention, because now I know all the words to all the songs.

The Terrible, Windowless Choir Room as seen at 5:37 pm.
Shoutout to Sami for posing for my picture.

The point of may rant is that I realized that lots of people probably have to go through these terrible days, and its hard to eat healthy, especially when you're in Herriman, Utah. If I walked down the hallway right now, I could buy pizza, a donut, and a soda for 5 dollars. Or, I could buy one small Jamba Juice for 5 dollars. Not the best options. So, I've decided to tell you what to do in these situations, when healthy food is impossible to find.

First, you need to PACK SNACKS. Snacks will save your life. One of my favorites for dance events are my Flax Seed Energy Ball Things, because they are delicious and nutritious. Another great snack is protein bars. They're super delicious, and not messy to eat, and you can hide them almost anywhere. Today, I have been relying on Quest Bars and Luna Bars, which are both completely amazing. Another great snack is fruit, because it gives you a quick burst of energy without the perils of artificial sugar.

 My bag of snacks. I already ate most of them.

Now, I will address the issue of boredom, which, I know, has absolutely nothing to do with food, but I think that I've learned a lot about boredom today, and I want to share my newfound wisdom.

Number One- Don't bring your homework, because you will never end up doing it. You will always find something more interesting to do, like play with string or *ahem* watch Barbie movies. So, it's just a waste of energy to bring homework, so don't do it.

Number Two- Bring movies, and a way to watch them. This came in very handy for me, and lots of other people, too. Apparently lots of people at my dance studio like watching Barbie movies, so we all watched them together, like a team bonding exercise. You could maybe even say it was productive. You can also bring other things to watch, like TV shows or whatever. I chose Keeping Up With the Kardashians as my TV show choice, which, looking back, I now regret.

Number Three- People watching is always an option. The people watching in Herriman at a dance competition was especially entertaining. That was definitely my favorite activity of the day. Besides dancing, of course.

There you go, my personal survival guide to a day destined to be mind-numbingly boring, and when bad food is unavoidable.


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  1. I'm using your snack pic on my blog, so thanks.