Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Water- The Universal Solvent

Fun fact of the day- most people are under- hydrated. As you may guess, this is not a good thing. Personally, I would much rather be over-hydrated than under-hydrated.

Courtesy of PureLiving

So, water is very important for you- after all, over half of you is made of water. I can't stress enough how important it is to drink enough water. I mean, even the background of my blog is water. Yes, it can be very hard to get enough water when you're sitting in a classroom and the teacher won't let you leave, or to know how much water that you've been drinking all day. But I'm here to solve all of your problems.

A while ago my mom went to a nutritionist because she was going on a liver cleanse. This nutritionist lady- Melanie Palacious- gave my dear mother some very useful tips on how to get enough water in your body. And, drum roll please, here they are:

1. How do you know how much water that you should be drinking a day? It's obviously different for everybody. But, lucky for us there is a little math equation to help us figure it all out. First, you take your weight- lets pretend I weigh 100 pounds. Then you divide that in half- so for pretend me, it would be 50. That is how many ounces of water you should be drinking in a day. Notice the key word here- ounces. You don't want to go and drink 50 pounds of water, because I think that you would die from osmosis, but science isn't my best subject. Even thought it seems kind of obvious that you wouldn't drink half your body weight in water everyday, it's an easy mistake to make- because I made it. When my mom first explained all of this to me, I was very confused. But, now you don't have to be confused, because I explained it all. :)

2.How are you supposed to know how much water you get from your "big glass." Is that ten ounces? One? Well, like I've previously mentioned, I have many tricks up my sleeve. The best way to remember to drink your water, and know how much you're drinking, is a handy dandy little water bottle. This part is easy. Just go to the store, pick out your favorite water bottle there- whether it be one with a straw, one that squeezes, or a sippy cup- and buy it. Then, take it everywhere with you. It might not be easy to find a water bottle that you like (oops, am I contradicting myself?)  It took me three tries before I found one that I liked to drink out of. Anyway, once you find you soul-mate in a water bottle, find out how many ounces it holds. For example, my Gatorade squeezy bottle shown below holds 32 ounces. So, since I need to drink 60 ounces a day (whoopsy, now you can figure out how much I weigh), I need to drink two full bottles. See, it's not that hard!

My chosen water bottle, courtesy of DICK'S Sporting Goods

3.My last tip has kind of nothing to do with water, but I'll tell you anyway. One other thing that Ms. Palacious mentioned to my mother is that every night, your liver needs a twelve hour break. Not sleeping, though I wish I had the time for that, but eating. Every night you should give yourself a solid twelve hours without food so your little liver doesn't accidentally fail. Just kidding. Sort of.

Now you all know my secrets about water. Oh well, I guess I can't copy write them anymore. I strongly suggest following these tips, and not listening to the people who say, "Drinking water makes you bloated." Honestly, where do those people even come from?

Oh, and one more warning- If you (wisely) follow my suggestions, you will guaranteed have to pee every 10 minutes when you start. Don't worry, you don't need any old people medication (is that too offensive?), it's just your body getting used to having the right amount of water everyday. It'll stop- eventually.

~ Mia