Sunday, May 10, 2015

Goodbye my Lovelies. . .

Since this entire blog wasn't really a blog and was actually and English assignment (Matrix?!), and today I am writing in response to a prompt given by the English teacher himself. How have I changed this year? Well, sitting here thinking about it, I have changed quite a bit, in many different parts of my life. I have improved as a dancer, I figured out how to french braid my hair, and I went through a leggings and sweatshirt everyday phase. But, I'm assuming Mr. Parker wants me to talk about how I've changed academically, so here we go.

First, I learned how to write as if I weren't a college professor from the 19th century. In other words, I learned how to write in a non-formal way, although I don't think I would actually know how to write like a college professor from the 19th century. Did they say thou back then? I don't know. Because of this blog, I stopped treating every writing assignment like a persuasive essay, even most of the time they were. Through this blog, I found my voice, but I can still write a kick ass formal piece of writing. If you look at my very first post, It is so stiff, and proper. But, those days are behind me, and now its all my voice, all the time. Except during essays.

Second, I learned time management. Although throughout the year I still had my fair share of panic attacks about an assignment that I didn't do that was due in 5 minutes, I have improved of my non-procrastination skills. And, I think that this blog forced me to do that, kind of. No one likes a blog that is dead silent for three months, then has 6 posts within 2 hours. Like, eww. So, I had to force myself to spread out my writing, or I would become OCD about how the dates and times are too close together. I may have not succeeded at that all the time though, and I'm pretty sure I'm not actually OCD, even though I do occasionally have to re-organize my closet before I can fall asleep.

Another thing that I have learned, that you may or may not agree on, is that I'm absolutely hilarious. If I make myself laugh, than that definitely means you, my non-existent audience, are laughing.

A picture of me being Hilarious with cute puppies

So, there you go, my probable last post ever, as funny as ever. Lets hope I get an A.


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